‘I have trained for 23 years of my life and since 2005 with Ireland ‘Fitness, this is where I have achieved the best fitness results.  I’m now at a fitness level I never could achieve before the instruction I recieve here with Phill and Nicky.’
Andy Skinner (Acacia Gym member of the year 2007)

‘Best fitness and weight loss class I have been to.’
Steve Wood (School Teacher)

A fun and fantastic way to keep fit.  Never a dull moment in Phill’s classes.’
Carole Hewett (Administrator)

‘Ireland Fitness provides a good mix of strength and fitness training coupled with a detailed understanding of practical and advanced Muay Thai techniques.  The sessions are structured to be varied, interesting and enjoyable as well as being hard work!’
Andrew Sims (Company Director)

‘Great personal training, everthing is throughly explained and there is a great care that students perform to the best of their ability.’
Jason St Romaine (Property Developer)

‘Ireland Fitness provided a seemless transition from body building to Muay Thai using pad work, sparring and dutch drills.  My discipline and enthusiasm for the sport has increased with every punch and kick.’
Jamie O’Neill (Construction Manager)

‘Of all the champions produced by Keddle’s gym, Phill is the most dedicated and focused champion.  His attitude towards detail is surpassed only by his determination to succeed.’
Chris Carley (Thai Boxing Instructor)

Carley Demmon‘The best class I have ever come across.  Always varied, never expect the same thing!  Just when you think you’re at a good fitness level something new will be introduced and you ache (in the best way) for days.’

Carley Demmon (Receptionist & Stay at Home Mum)