Simon Stockley completes the Berlin marathon

On 25th September 2016 Simon Stockley took on the Berlin marathon, this was his first marathon and has dedicated himself completely to achieving this goal.

14441033_1074999899281233_3265533058592632680_n(Simon leaving for the adventure and challenge head)

Simon has had a lot to contend with in the build up to this momentous run.  He has had injuries to battle against, as well as a frantic work and life routine but Simon always found the time to develop himself.  We followed a programme of strength training to develop his weakest areas, developmental run to extend the distance regularly as well as adding in fast sprint sessions as well as pace sessions.  Simon also was consistent at his TP therapy foam rolling which helped to keep his muscles in the best condition.

Simon wanted to do something positive for others as well so he has been raising money for the charity Mind

and has so far raised £1093, excluding gift aid and £1332.75 with, which is a fantastic amount and which will be of great use to the charity.

14291890_1120258521377476_1733235110240748194_n(raising money for the charity Mind)

When it was first suggested to him to take on a marathon he didn’t think it was possible for him but Simon did and he completed the marathon in 5 hour 49 minutes and has already told me that he intends to enter again, so that both of his children can have a medal when they are older and they can watch him finish next time.

14355519_1128540647215930_8881390575979125893_n(Simon’s race number and medal)

Well done Simon, your dedication and commitment was perfect.  Enjoy that feeling of success.

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