Workshop Overview

Corporate-WorkshopsOur one-day workshop will educate management teams in the best ways to deal with stress through a combination of better, knowledge, nutrition and exercise.

The training day can be held at various locations across the U.K. or we can travel to you if this is more convenient.

The course will provide two instructors and will begin with a talk about stress, the effects of stress and how to recognise and deal with them. This is followed by a small coffee break before being shown, by one of our level 3 qualified Personal Trainers, solutions to physical stressors through stretching specific muscles.

Lunch is then supplied followed by a talk on nutrition which is given by one of our qualified Nutritional Advisors. They will explain how basic nutrition can help combat stress. After being taught how the body uses particular food groups, you will have a better understanding of what your body needs to function correctly.

A practical session involving team-building games will demonstrate how exercise can be fun and a great stress reliever. Punch, knee and kick the pads until you feel tension-free!
Finally, the course concludes with a question and answer session to ensure that everyone is happy to implement the methods shown and to recap any uncertain points.

Each participant recieves a handbook on each part of the workshop (stress, nutrition and stretching) to refer to after the course, to help with the integration of the skills learnt during the day.

Ireland Training follows up the workshop to give support to the management team and helping to implement the skills learnt on the workshop to ensure less stress at work becomes a reality.