Physical Stress

Stress-SolutionPhysical stress is often neglected, ignored or not considered as a stress-related injury, however it is frequently the cause of many of the musculo-skeletal injuries people need to take time off work for.
Physical stress often is a pain caused by a muscular imbalance produced by a constantly repeated action.
How many people do you know drive to work, sit at a desk all day, drive home and then, after a hard day, rest at home on the sofa, watching television?
That means the majority of the day is spent in one position – sitting – which our bodies are not designed for.
Physical stress-related injuries often manifest in the neck or lower back. They can vary from an acute ache or soreness to an excruciating sharp pain and, in some cases, numbness and pins and needles down the arms or legs.
Thankfully, with the correct knowledge to assess and identify the problem areas, along with the skills to produce muscular balance, your quality of life and working environment can be significantly improved.