About Us

Ireland Training runs Combat Corporate Stress workshops, which are inspired by the increasing concern of stress in today’s hectic society and our inability to cope with its recent substantial growth.

Founder of Ireland Training, Phill Ireland, is a former world class athlete in 2 disciplines and has gained 6 world titles, winning both British and English championships. Having also worked in several retail management roles, he has a wealth of experience in the business world.

Phill has been a successful full-time sports coach for 8 years and has trained some of the country’s top athletes in a variety of sports. In 2005, he set up the personal training company, Ireland Fitness, spreading the word of getting fit while having fun.

These principles are the backbone and driving force behind Ireland Fitness and what Phill believes makes the company so successful. He says, “If you can make training fun, then people enjoy their training. When this happens, people will train more regularly, and when people train more regularly, the results they desire will follow.”
Phill’s hard work and dedication has led to Ireland Fitness expanding and now prides itself on having a team of:
  • Skilled sports coaches
  • Qualified personal trainers
  • Sports therapists
  • Nutritional advisors
Clients are provided with high-quality advice in every aspect of training, helping them fulfil their fitness and health goals with confidence.
The team at Ireland Training continues these ideals, with;
  • Experts in dealing and coping with stressful situations
  • Fitness and stretching specialists
  • General and stress-specific nutritional advisors
By bringing these concepts in to the corporate world, Combat Corporate Stress can help businesses realise the benefits of a healthy lifestyle by improving people?s knowledge base, confidence and ability.
Combat Corporate Stress can help your company save money, show you how to make your staff happier and more productive and improve the quality of service to everyone associated with the business, including the customer – inevitably boosting profits.
Ireland Training… together we can make a difference.